This is my first "news" entry on the site, so I wanted to make sure it was "newsworthy"!

Aaaaaaaaand here it is!

I'm extremely happy to announce that starting 2/19/16 Evangelina's Vegan Desserts will be partnering up with Drop Squad Kitchen to provide an even more amazing vegan restaurant experience right here in Wilmington, Delaware!

I am truly humbled and appreciative of how much Abundance Child and her family at Drop Squad Kitchen have been supporting me throughout my first year of business. I've learned so much through working with them and have built a great business relationship as well as friendship.

Drop Squad Kitchen is mother - daughter owned establishment that focuses on feeding the soul and the community which is right in line with my values here with Evangelina's Vegan Desserts.  When I started this business it was because I had always wanted to find a way to improve the lives of those around me, help the animals, and give back to the community. I realized that when I baked for people it gave me the opportunity to talk to them about veganism, animal rights, and about the food that we put into our bodies.  I couldn't ask for a better business to share space with than one that aligns with my own values right here in Wilmington, Delaware.

Beginning next month Evangelina's Vegan Desserts will be featured full time at Drop Squad Kitchen.  There will be a weekly variety and a special Saturday menu and you will be able to come in during operating hours to pick up orders or choose from assorted pastries made fresh! Those of you who have ordered from me in the past know this is the next step for me.  So please join us on Friday 2/19/16 for our Grand Opening/One Year Anniversary party! I started this business last February. Let's celebrate how far we've come and where we're going next!

Drop Squad Kitchen is located at the Wilmington Riverfront inside Molly's Ice Cream Shoppe at 928 Justison St, Wilmington, DE. 

Thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE who has supported Evangelina's Vegan Desserts from the very beginning! Love you!

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