Our Pay it Forward program gives you the opportunity to bless others who may otherwise not be able to afford to splurge on good quality vegan desserts!

I started baking for that reason. I'm a single mom and I didn't want to have to compromise my values just to be able to afford a decent birthday cake for my son. A vegan birthday cake from the store can get pricey, so I had to learn how to make them on my own! The first attempts were pretty sad and hilarious. Thankfully my son was still at the stage where he was just grabbing everything with his little chubby fingers and shoveling them into his mouth and my friends and family were gracious enough to eat what I prepared no matter what.

But this isn't just for birthdays! Classrooms need cupcakes and cookies! Families and organizations want vegan options for their guests! Why should good vegan food be limited to only people who can afford gourmet prices?!

If you'd like to participate, just donate a little extra when you place your order and make sure we know it's for the "Pay it Forward" program so that the money gets set aside. At the end of the month, if the funds are not used toward helping another customer, they will go toward making a delicious donation to a local charity or soup kitchen!

The first month of this project was December 2015 and a full sheet chocolate cake was delivered to the Emmanuel Dining Hall on Christmas Eve for the homeless!

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