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My name is Evangelina,
I've been vegan since the year 2000. I started baking immediately because of my major sweet tooth and what followed was LOTS and lots of failed, falling apart cakes! Honestly, I never really cared. I was the only one eating my cakes! But when my son was born in 2002 and we started having birthday parties, I felt the pressure of having to bake a vegan birthday cake that all of my non-vegan friends would love.

The first two years were disasters. In fact, I remember purchasing non-vegan cakes (!?!?!) for my friends and making a small vegan cake for myself and my son just to avoid embarrassment of no one liking my cakes.

I dug my heels in and started reading cookbooks. My favorites were How it All Vegan and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I learned what the different ingredients do in the cakes and what ingredients work best for what result. By the time my son went to school I had aced those vegan cupcakes! (Still working on my whole cake skills..) and I was sending cupcakes in to school with him for birthday parties that made the other kids jealous instead of him being "that vegan kid" who couldn't have any treats.

As the years passed I learned how to make more items and friends were asking me to bake for them. I decided to start selling cupcakes on the side to make extra money until 2014 when I decided to go ahead and take that leap of faith, leaving my corporate job and starting my own vegan business.

In 2015 I started selling to Fresh Thymes Cafe, Drop Squad Kitchen, Cafe 67 in Newark, and custom orders directly to the consumer as well as participating in Veg Fests.

My dream with this business is to make amazingly delicious vegan desserts that are more accessible and more affordable!

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Evangelina is a singer/songwriter and a martial arts instructor as well as a baking instructor.
Instagram: @evangelina_g

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